Academic Fee

Admission Fee
₹ 10,000

Mother Toddler Infants   (Januarry - June)     र 35,000
Playgroup                      (July - December)    र 62,500
Playgroup                      (January - June)      र 62,500
Nursery                         (July - December)    र 70,000
Nursery                         (January - June)      र 70,000
K.G. 1                           (July - December)    र 70,000
K.G. 1                           (January - June)      र 70,000
K.G. 2                           (July - December)    र 70,000
K.G. 2                           (January - June)      र 70,000
Transition                      (January - June)      र 70,000

​The school's academic year is divided into two semesters.  On accepting admission to Cribs 2 Crayons, the academic fees for semester one is to be paid in advance at the time stipulated in the Admission Offer Letter.  This amount will be 50% of the annual academic fees.  The academic fees for semester two is to be paid in advance at the time stipulated in the fee card.

All fees are to be paid in Indian rupees only by way of a cheque or demand draft drawn in favour of  “Cribs 2 Crayons" payable at Mumbai.